Review – product review of CaliBowl™

Product Review of CaliBowl™

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I just wanted to tell you about these great bowls I got for Christmas a few years ago …they are called CaliBowls™ . I love them!  I really do use (and abuse) them every day.   These unique bowls are designed with an inward-curving lip, like a wave, which pushes all the food back onto whatever you are eating with. This makes it a relatively no spill bowl. You don’t scoop food up the side of the bowl and out onto the table, it stays on the chip your eating or in the spoon! Who wouldn’t love this?

The CaliBowl is the patent pending idea of Jeff Bollengier, Richard Stump & Kaveh Soofer; all California natives who started the company SimpleWave. (Calibowl Website)


This video from Richard Stump shows how unique these bowls are!

Calibowl - wave action

These bowls also have a no slip ring on the bottom that keeps the bowl from slipping on the counter. They are unbreakable, attractive and microwave and dishwasher safe. They are BPA free and manufactured using partially recycled material.

They have a growing line of bowls (including bowls with lids, mixing bowls, and kid’s bowls!)  The kids bowls are great….wish I had them when my kids were small. These kids bowls have a suction cup bottom and the design helps your little one get every bite onto his/her spoon.

I have a set of 3 CaliBowl Ultimate Mixing Bowl Set …in bright red of course (just like my kitchen)….I am seriously considering getting the single serve bowls for soup/cereal.  I love the design and the wonderful colors.

Also, the company has a zero landfill policy and they are passionate about the long-term sustainability of our planet. They also have a recycle a bowl program. At the end of a product’s life, all you have to do is return the CaliBowl™ product to Simple Wave to be recycled into new product. In return you will receive a 20% discount on your entire subsequent order through the CaliBowl™ online store.

I was not given payment or product for this review. I just really do love these bowls and wanted to share with you all!


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